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Aircraft maintenance compliance and data analytics platform.

Backed by powerful data science and an intuitive user experience.

TARA Electronic Tech Log ETL

Electronic Technical Log

TARA Electronic Technical Log (ETL) replaces the manual process of managing tech logs, allowing airlines to eliminate errors, improve accuracy, reduce costs in data entry and physical paper logistics.

  • Eliminate illegible handwriting, missing text and errors.
  • Accountability with digital signatures on YubiKey.
  • Instant access to the fleets technical status, giving real time analysis.
  • Flight and Technical Log data available anytime anywhere.
  • Flight Details, Crew Release & Acceptance Defects, Defect Actions
  • Defect Deferrals, Component Changes, Fuel, Oil Servicing, Delay details
  • Pre-Flight Check and Maintenance Sign off
  • Line Maintenance CRS, Custom Fields & Attachments

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TARA Electronic Tech Log ETL
TARA 3D Repair Mapping

3D Repair Mapping

Maintain records for entire life-cycle of a repair from damage identification to repair and repeat inspections. Track damages from first discovery through repair using a 3D view of your asset and a handheld device.

  • Generate 2D reports for hard copies or sending to external users.
  • Add custom 3D models and aircraft parts using 3rd party or manufacturer models
  • Native Application on iPad, Windows & macOS.
  • Help organization identify bottlenecks and distribute effort to the right part of the production line on real time basis.
  • Visualize damages easily on a 3D model.
  • Export data into printable format, tables and status charts.
  • Link damage records with corresponding documentation related to repair life-cycle on TARA Records.

Explore 3D Repair Mapping
TARA 3D Repair Mapping
TARA Records Management

Records Management

Digital logbook for airframe & engines integrated with digital signatures.

  • Airframe Utilization Records - Flights, Hours, Cycles
  • Maintenance checks and tasks log
  • Component Install/Removals - Engine, APU, Landing gear.
  • AD Compliance log & status
  • FAA / EASA Compliant records management

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TARA Features

TARA Task Management

Task Management

Actionable tasks are automatically assigned to specific employees upon triggering a set process. Allowing people to spend less time finding out what to do and more time on doing the task.

TARA ARC Compliance

ARC Compliance

Significantly reduce volume of paper generated and stored without compromising accuracy or safety.

TARA Management Dashboard with Analytics

Management Dashboard with Analytics

Monitor your process KPI and reduce cycle times. Workflows & Digital Signature together brings traceability, accountability and security to your entire document process.

TARA Digital Signing & YubiKey Authentication

Digital Signing & YubiKey Authentication

FAA / EASA compliant cryptographic digital signatures providing accountability and security for document actions by engineers and office staff.

TARA Data Exchange

Data Exchange

Support various standards, including: ATA SPEC 2000, XML, JSON, GraphQL

TARA Custom Document Workflows

Custom Document Workflows

Adapts to your organization’s size and needs. Define custom workflows, steps, statuses and automated triggers.

TARA Smart Search & OCR

Smart Search & OCR

Smart search helps you find the information you need without the hassle. Scanned documents are indexed with OCR.

TARA Offline Support

Offline Support

Flight and Technical Log data available anytime anywhere. Keep Recording your data from areas out of coverage and sync when in coverage.

TARA Features

Native Application on iPad, Windows & macOS

Device agnostic, intuitive & user friendly. Better performance and user experience than web-browser based apps.

Devices are not inlcuded in our subscription, but we may be able to provide you a custom pricing depending on your requirement.

TARA Native Application

On-Premise Deployment

Host TARA on your own privately managed network in a dedicated environment, giving the privacy and security that you need.

GI Cloud Deployment

The easiest way to start using TARA. We’ll host TARA on our multi-cloud environment with isolation and privacy for your data with redundancy and disaster recovery.

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