Providing technology expertise through a people‑centered approach.

GI Aerospace offers you a wide range of services that help you maximize the value of your investment in our products - helping you to reduce costs.

Airworthiness Documentation Support

We assist you in building your airworthiness documentation. Utilizing our process workflow to make your asset transition seamless.

Data Migration

We provide you with the resources to ensure a smooth scanning and data migration process. Our product knowledge and expertise will help you migrate your legacy data into TARA’s record platform, accelerating your on-boarding process.

Product Development

We have the expertise to develop comprehensive aviation software development solutions following the highest enterprise standards. We help aviation technology companies streamline their operations, improve productivity, and maximize profitability with digital technologies.

System Customization

We provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that promote the ultimate goal to increase the competitiveness and longevity of the software solution by adding customer-driven modifications and enhancements.

Technical Support

Our incredible multilingual support team will assist you round the clock, covering all corners of the world. With a built-in support platform, it allows you to reach us through numerous channels - tickets, phone-call and email.

Process Optimization

Our consultants with cross-functional expertise in optimizing business processes and engineering software solutions will identify pain points and opportunities to improve your operational efficiency. We will help you derive maximum value from our product by optimizing your existing business units workflow.

Data Science Consulting

We add value to our world-class machine learning platform to help you extract powerful insights using your data - allowing you to make more impactful decisions for your organization.

Business Support Services

With extensive knowledge in business process management, GI Aerospace can provide you the additional resources and expertise you need to manage or expand your airline. Whether its resource support for your aircraft compliance or if you're looking to turn-key process outsource your airlines maintenance compliance, talk to us!

New Version

Aircraft maintenance compliance and data analytics platform.

Electronic Techlog, 3D Repair Mapping and Document Management. An aviation software platform designed with powerful artificial intelligence at its core.

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