A world class aircraft maintenance data platform, with a paperless workflow.

Backed by powerful data science and an intuitive user experience.

Electronic Technical Log.
Aircraft Maintenance Records.
3-Dimensional Repair Mapping.
All in one place.

The airline industry processes countless paperwork daily, amounting to rooms filled with archived documents. We digitalize these to bring together the most critical areas of airline maintenance into one seamless digital platform.


Interactive and Intuitive Native App.

Our product is a native application for iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms. Due to the nature of the design, our native app perform the best and offer the highest reliability compared to web apps. Providing high performance, better security, and a good UI that better matches user experiences of the OS with better scrolling, specific gesture recognition, profound effects and animations.


An instant ROI for Airlines and Lessors.

For airlines, adapting our product suite will drastically reduce your organization's man power time on processing aircraft maintenance records. Our platform helps your organization adapt LEAN principles - even cumbersome processes such as document building for asset lease return are instantly available at the click of a button from our product suite — drastically improving your organizational efficiency.

For lessors, we provide remote due-diligence capability, providing you detailed information about all your assets, anywhere in the world. We also ensure that our product will retain the asset value by avoiding any misplaced documents.

Harnessing the full potential of aircraft maintenance records through digitalization with Data Science and Machine Learning.

Our product is flexible and smart to adapt and integrate into your organization’s existing workflow, making change management as seamless as possible. With digitalizing records, our powerful artificial intelligence back-end is able to run Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive meaningful relationships from multiple sources to present you with information that you’d have otherwise not thought of. We identify failure trends and unscheduled maintenance patterns to improve maintenance schedules — making the airline safer and proactive.


Aviation Data Security re‑engineered using Blockchain.

We understand that aviation data security has always been at the forefront of the industry's safety and regulatory compliance. Our product line is engineered with world-class security standards ensuring that your data is protected from unauthorized alterations.



Authenticity and integrity of all records in our product line is verifiable using blockchain. Our systems ensure blockchain based time-stamping on all actions carried out, ensuring there’s always an audit trail for your asset documentation

Digital Signatures

Our platform ensures that all the actions performed on a document are cryptographically signed, ensuring authenticity of these records - transition to a completely digital workflow without comprising on security standards.

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